Kelinse, ‘Let it begin’!

This motto, as simple as it is revolutionary, was first pronounced in Genoa in the 1700s. Exclaiming it, the young Balilla Perasso threw the stone that would have led to the liberation of the city after days of fighting.

The stone thrown by Kelinse disrupts shapes and mixes colors, to give life to a line of eyewear that smells new. From the lively and subversive world of interior design, in fact, Kelinse takes up the desire to break the mold and the need for contamination. Now as always, an accessory becomes a form of communication, a statement, a cult object.

The colors of Kelinse, the mixture of shapes and the original combination of styles, give life to four lines among which to find, while having fun, the most original glasses you have ever worn.

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Enter the world of Kelinse and choose the glasses that will revolutionize your look

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